The Health Benefits of Salsa

by Abdul Wahab May 18, 2017

The Health Benefits of Salsa

When you make the commitment to eat better, you don't have to give up tasty and palatable foods. If you are looking for a way to spice up your diet consider adding a little bit of salsa to your favorite dishes. Chock-full of nutrients, fresh salsa can elevate even the simplest dish to new heights. Salsa provides a flavorful experience without fat, dairy, gluten or sugar.

Take advantage of the health benefits of salsa with the following suggestions.

Buy the Best

For the most healthful and delicious meal options, buy local salsa. For plant-based nutrition and flavor, use 100 percent organic gourmet salsa. Read labels to ensure you are getting a product that is devoid of oils, fats, and sugars, and made fresh for buyers.

Make Breakfast Bold

Treat yourself to a punch of vitamin C at breakfast with simple but scrumptious scrambled eggs with salsa. This easy dish also provides a healthy dose of vitamin A, from the beta-carotene, which contributes to vision and the immune system. Scramble a couple of eggs on low heat slowly; add cheese, salt, and pepper as desired. Serve with delicious roasted tomato salsa and a flour or corn tortilla for a tasty and convenient start to your morning.

Bring Flavor to Simple Meals

Looking for the perfect condiment to complement any meal? Skip the heavy dressings and toppings and go with something that provides a daily kick of vitamins and fiber, without the fat. You really can’t go wrong with green salsa verde. This healthful option adds pizzazz to sandwiches, wraps, salads, and even brings a depth of flavor to soup.

Get an Edge on Entertaining

Planning a party? Enjoy the convenience of serving fresh, locally made salsa at your next gathering or function. Salsa is a plant-based food, so your friends with dietary restrictions, vegans, and gluten-free eaters can nosh too. Try something different, like pineapple habanero salsa, and serve with toasted pita chips or whole-grain crackers for a guilt-free snack that feeds a crowd.

Buy local salsa and use it on your favorite foods and recipes. Salsa brings a slew of vitamins to your daily diet, in addition to fiber and potassium. Shop for salsa today, and consider buying the best from Chef Nation online.

Abdul Wahab
Abdul Wahab


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