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Chef Nation was started 2 years ago by two local chefs looking to get their great tasting salsas and sauces into the local markets. Their secret is in their family recipes that were handed down to them from generation to generation. They knew they had a hit when all their family and friends kept asking them to bring their amazing salsas and sauces to every event they attended.

While working in the restaurant business for a combine total of 20 plus years they understood the necessity of fresh all natural products. Needless to say, Chef Nation’s first couple of years were in the research and development phase along with getting state and federal approval.

Determined, they finally tested their products by participating in the local farmer’s markets, the rest is history. Chef Nation prides itself by not using any artificial ingredients or preservatives. We use only the finest natural ingredients to produce small batches made by hand. Buy Chef Nation Salsa today!



You can find us in your local King Soopers stores,
Under the Colorado Proud section
If you don’t see it, please ask them.